Rick Hawkins, owner 

Letterpress Equipment Java

We deal in letterpress equipment of all types. We sell a lot of refurbished C&P and Golding platen presses as well as larger machines. Take a look at our site to see what we have. We’re always buying, selling, fixing and moving machines. We sell parts, rollers, etc. Call me 706 540-3285 and we can discuss your needs.

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I’m looking for some parts to 14 X 22 C&P with automatic feeder do you have any?

I’m looking to buy a 8X12 or 10X15 C&P letterpress with a treadle. Do you have anything currently for sale? I live in Atlanta. Tx!

looking for a Kelsey 3x5 handle can you help? I broke mine right at the steel pin.

looking for a part chandler & price 10x15 rocker arm rod