printing on Windmill GT 13x18 / Cylinder


I have an opportunity to purchase a GT Windmill, and have been reading up on it’s value against a Windmill 10x15. I’m interested in the GT or a cylinder for the larger print area.

I mainly print on my existing 10x15, and rarely die-cut. I have however noticed that most GTs are primarily used for die-cutting.

Do Windmill GTs perform as well in printing, compared to it’s 10x15 brother?

Does anyone with a GT + T, have any GT print experiences they can share?

What about a Heidelberg cylinder? Again, most of these are used for die-cutting, but I’m interested in ink on paper. How’s the step up from a 10x15 platen?

Thanks for any thoughts and insights.

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I would say that printing on our 13x18 is not really any different than on the 10x15 other than we have only one 13x18 and have to switch it back to die cutting/perfing after printing as that is what we do most of on it.

I have not had ink on our cylinders in quite a while and would not say I even know how to really set it up proper, but compared to a 10x15 or 13x18 I can get either of them set up in short time as opposed to the cylinders.

A cylinder has more rollers and adjustments to each one as opposed to the easy of adjusting the windmill’s rollers.I guess the way I see it is….the bigger the machine the more set up time it takes. If what you are printing warrants the set up time then go with a cylinder but I would think you would be happier with the 13x18.

The only benefit I would see to inking a cylinder over a 13x18 would be….

1. Run quantity
2. Sheet size
3. Image area to be printed and amount of coverage.
4. The fact that you are printing around the cylinder a little at a time as opposed to all at once on the windmill.

I would actually like to find a nice 13x18 so I can keep one for printing and one for die cutting/perfing!

I have a nice 15x20.5 cylinder I’ll make you a great deal on :)

Good Luck,
Dave L