Tour de Lead Graffiti

I surely wanted to pass the word to all of our Briar Press comrades in letterpress.

July. 23 days. 23 letterpress posters.

Things should be rocking at Lead Graffiti.

Lead Graffiti has found a way to merge our love of printing via letterpress with big time cycling.

Take 7 minutes and watch the Tour de Lead Graffiti video.

Nonstop from July 2nd to the 24th we are going to do the following every day:
• Get up early and watch the Tour de France live on TV each morning.
• Look for moments and incidents that we can translate into wood and metal type, linoleum cuts, & cycling objects.
• During lunch, sort through the interesting moments and choose a couple.
• Go to the studio and wrestle those moments into life via letterpress stuff.
• Print a stack of two-color posters.
• Sign them.
• Go to bed.
• Repeat.

Think about how good some cycling-related prints by Lead Graffiti would look on your wall. Letterpress. Hot. Happening. And you could rotate them.

Spread the word to anyone you can.

image: kickstarter-title-page-512.jpg


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