Mice in cases.

I spent last summer cleaning cases and type from mouse droppings etc.Each drawer after cleaning had bounce sheets placed in them. They were fine all winter when checked but I discovered today many cases had been turned into maternity wards with nests created out of the bounce sheets. Has anyone found a mouse repellent? I can not poison because of pets. A spray would be perfect if it did not effect the type.

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You could add a cat to your shop, put out mouse traps, or perhaps add a removable screen to the top of each case. I imagine the mice came into your shop over the winter. Bounce sheets don’t always work. Those mice can fit it very tiny spaces….and they love type cases….as we all do here on Briar. Perhaps at your local store you could find those metal hose/sleeves that you put on your washer drain pipe to remove lint…and shove them into all the tiny holes the mice get into from outside of your shop. Just be careful where you put them because they will rust and will leave rust stains.

I have a six foot-long black snake in my shop that does a real good job controlling the mice.

We havw a problem with mice, moth balls really help keep them away. Dick G.