Black stock which takes impression?


I am searching for a black coloured stock which takes impression.

Ideally the stock should be 250gsm+.

I am aware of the Revere Black Suede in 250/300gsm, but from preliminary tests it doesn’t appear to take impression very well.

Can anyone recommend a tried + tested black stock which takes impression?

What is this stock?

Thanks for any tips!

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I’ve used Arches 300gsm black Rives succesfully. It prints extremely well.

We just did a killer project with author Nick Hornby and Bruce Springsteen. There was a softcover and a hardcover version done with Somerset Black 250 gsm.

You can click on that top image to see a larger version.

The problem is that the paper scuffs really easy so you have handle everything with kid gloves. But the black is black. We bought some Black Stonehenge which looked grey beside it.

We printed black and silver on the black Somerset.

One of the sweetest projects we’ve done.

Ive printed on black 2 and 4 ply museum board.