William Amer’s New Website, Rockley NSW

I’m back, as they say. Refreshed, re-invigorated!
My son, Glenn and I have made a new website with much more information about our doings in letterpress and music.
Letterpress classes are booked out for September, but there is space after that. You’ll note only 2 students; the Letterpress 102 course is now extremely intensive. Its designed for the serious student, the real “nuts and bolts” on letterpress, [note: not a design course]. No need to flail around wasting time and effort and getting frustrated. Get that legitimate link to the past while getting on with the future. Please see our advert on Briar Press. www.willamer.com.au

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Nice website, i need to take a course with you on how to keep my shop looking neat and clean, very nice shop you have, hope you do well. Dick G.