Beginning Letterpress On the Vandercook Workshop

SUMMER Letterpress Workshop !

Saturday July 9th 11 to 5

Come for a 6 hr hands-on letterpress workshop— covering the basics of printing, typesetting (wood + metal type), Vandercook press maintenance, how to troubleshoot press + printing issues, inking, paper use + cleaning.

This class will provide you with the skills to operate off of a Vandercook Proof Press safely + efficiently, as well as return + rent time for your printing needs at Red Wheel Press.

Please dress in comfortable clothes + shoes. All supplies provided.

Workshops cost $125/ per student

We ask for a 30% deposit to reserve your spot. Contact Aimee Wilson to make reservations +/or ask questions.

Marianne Dages of Huldra Press will teach the course, and Aimee Wilson will host & feed everyone !!

Red Wheel Press | 2215 East Tioga Street | Philadelphia, PA 19134

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