Platens and Flatbed presses for sale in Australia


If anyone in Australia or New Zealand is looking for a press then the new lists presses (it is free to list, sell and buy through the site).

I’ve set the site up as an attempt on a more regional version of briarpress and to build a community of local letterpress enthusiasts. I love briarpress but there is a need for something a little more local I suspect.

It’s also a way of keeping the presses in this part of the world, getting them back into a working shape (in some cases) and avoiding the horrific shipping issues that occur when we try to get presses from outside of the region.

Currently there is an Arab, a C&P and a Morffit Empress on the site for sale (there is also a gorgeous seggie etching press and a Hildav).

Check out the site if you are an antipodean

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