Info & Parts for Damon & Peets 6x10 ‘favorite’

Hi i recently acquired a Damon & Peets 6x10 ‘favorite’ and am having trouble finding info/parts for the press. When acquired I didn’t know the make or model and found the press in the press photos archive. It needs some work but could be a great press.

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.


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DG -

I have what I *believe* is a Favorite in my collection, and my friend Barry has one he uses daily. Please post some photos and more detailed questions and let’s see if we can help.

The Favorite, btw, appears to be one of those “generic” machines manufactured by a number of different companies over the years. It’s sort of a mystery machine in that respect, with no clear lineage.

I have seen old magazines ads for the exact same press - but from quite a few different companies… Yeah. It’s in a class of its own.

I found that my Pilot chases fit in it perfectly. It came to me in pieces and I had to study the parts a bit to get it together again, so I may be able to help. And, I will be making rollers and trucks for mine one of these days, so I will be learning more about it - when ever I can get a Round Tuit…

Post some photos and let’s get to work.

Hello Alan,

Here is a round tuit for you. Now you have no excuse to put the press together.

I do have this Damon & Peets Favorite so if you or dgwicke need any close-up photos or measurements, let me know.

Hi Elizabeth / Alan,

First off let me apologize for allowing this to still idle for so long. much has changed from writing my first thread, changed locations, jobs etc. which needless to say put this project on the back burner. However, i am back in the saddle and ready to get back to it.

Below are some images below of the press. referencing the images in the museum i am pretty sure this is the same press as shown as the Damon & Peets Favorite. Looking at the photos posted by 2001fred about his 8x12 i have been able to match the same paint markings shown on his with some i have uncovered on my press making me think this is indeed a Damon & Peets. This being said, i believe i have most of the parts needed to make the press function. However, I know for a fact i am missing the treadle and the arm connecting the treadle to the press mechanism as well as the feed board and the steel support arms connecting the feed board to the press frame.

In the photos I have removed some of the parts during cleaning so it may appear that i am missing more than i have listed. Also in 2nd to last image you can see the fly wheel leaned against the lockers in the background.

I have access to the resources to fabricate these pieces and hope to restore the press to its original condition. In order to do this I am trying to find any information on the press and these missing parts. I would love any measurements and closeup photos you might be able to provide. Also do you know if this press had a trip? i haven’t be able to figure out how you would disengage the press during a run.

Again sorry for the long pause without a response. Hope to get this puppy running again and to start printing!

Thanks for any help you can provide!


image: IMG_0022 copy.jpg

IMG_0022 copy.jpg

image: IMG_0023 copy.jpg

IMG_0023 copy.jpg

image: noname-7.jpeg


image: noname-10.jpeg


image: noname-6.jpeg


image: noname-1.jpeg



I have an 8x12 Favorite, and indeed it looks to be very similar. Since it is a larger size, the measurements from mine may not help, but I do have some photos of the pieces you said you were missing. Hopefully they will help guide you in what you need. Let me know if there is anything I can make more clear - my camera was recently stolen so I’m working with my phone.

My press has no throwoff mechanism, so it does take care to run it. To stop or slow the press, I have always applied some pressure on the treadle while the pedal is on it’s upward swing. Once you get used to how much force is in the treadle, you kind of learn to apply just the right amount of force smoothly. Honestly though, I’m not sure if this is the ‘correct’ way, so if anyone has any comments on technique I would be interested to hear them as well!


image: Treadle hook

Treadle hook

image: Twist in the treadle hook shaft

Twist in the treadle hook shaft

image: Connection of pedal arm to treadle hook

Connection of pedal arm to treadle hook

image: Connection of treadle to right rear lower support shaft

Connection of treadle to right rear lower support shaft

image: Treadle Peadal

Treadle Peadal

image: Feed board connection to press

Feed board connection to press

image: Feed board arm from underside

Feed board arm from underside

image: View of the feed board arm from above

View of the feed board arm from above

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for the photos and info. These are great and give me a lot more insight than i previously had. I have a couple more questions, it seems to me from the photos that your press certainly has abigger printable area but it looks as if the legs may be the same size. Although you have 2 springs that help to return the platen, as opposed to only one on my press, the connection at the base, like mine, is bolted to the legs as opposed to being part of the cast. this along with the fact that in the photos it looks generally about the same distance between the front and back of the press at the base makes me think these might be the same. If this is the case then i would guess the treadle, treadle hook, and maybe even the feed board supports could be the same size. is there any chance you could take a few measurements to test my theory?

Maybe the following:

- depth of leg at connection to floor
- distance from inside to inside of legs
- height of feed board support connection to legs from the floor

Lastly, as i have been cleaning up my 6x10 i realized that it had been painted several times in its life, the last a dark green. As the goop is coming off so is some of the green paint revealing some of the amazing pinstripping that seems to be part of the original paint. My intention is to strip all the old paint from the press and repaint it to match the original paint scheme. It would be really helpful if you could post any images of the pinstripping, where it has it and its size. i am guessing the background color is black? the stripping i have uncovered is a larger gold and smaller red. Any insight would be great as i would really like to get it right. Also does yours have a small plaque on the platen that says the maker? i have seen another photo of a press with one and mine seems to have the locations for the rivets but is missing the plaque.

Aaron, thanks again for your help with this, it is really exciting to find some information as they don’t seem to be particularly abundant presses.



Sorry for the delay in response!

I finally had a chance to take some measurements and pictures for you. I didn’t get the exact measurements you asked for, but I got some that I hope will help determine if your press is similar-sized.

-The distance between the inside of the feet of the front two legs is 16.0”

-The distance from the floor to the top of the feed board support is 25.5”

-The distance between the inside of the top of the feed board supports is 13”

-The distance between the insides of the front and rear feet is 18.5”

If my descriptions of those are confusing let me know and I can diagram them.

If your press does not match these dimensions, I think you would be able to use the relative dimensions of the presses and the treadles to design a system that should work.

I have also attached images of the nameplate and various areas of pinstriping around the press. I think they should give you the general idea, but again, if you find that you need any specific info or pictures, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help if I can!

Happy New Year!

image: IMG_20121211_191632.jpg


image: IMG_20121211_191746.jpg


image: IMG_20121211_191712.jpg


image: IMG_20121211_191600.jpg


image: IMG_20121211_191050.jpg


image: IMG_20121211_190833.jpg


image: IMG_20121211_190749.jpg


image: IMG_20121211_190706.jpg