Quoins, hi-speed and wedge, various sizes, with keys

We have a variety of letterpress hi-speed quoins for sale. (All of our keys and wedge quoins sold, sorry! I can’t change the title.) They’re in good working condition and have been recently cleaned. We’re happy to ship them anywhere—just contact me with your location and which items you’re interested in, and I’ll calculate shipping for you. Most of these items will fit in a small Priority Mail flat-rate box and will ship for $6 within the United States.

Thanks for looking!

Here are the items:

Challenge Hi-Speed quoin, 4.5” $15 (6 available)
Challenge Hi-Speed quoin, 6” $20 (1 available)
Challenge Hi-Speed quoin, 7.5” $20 (4 available)
Challenge Hi-Speed quoin, 9” $20 (1 available)

Wickersham quoins (not pictured) $8 for a set of two (1 set available)


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. You can email me at julia at emprint dot net.

Last updated 3/19/2012

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