Summer Heat Affecting Ink?

These last few runs I’ve been having migrating spots of lighter and heavier ink coverage. They’re constantly moving, and only seem to get better if I remove the forme and run the press for a few minutes to redistribute the ink (I’ve checked roller height, roller roundness, makeready, I’ve cleaned and started over the next day) After having many successful runs this spring I suspect the heat has something to do with it. I work in my garage, no a/c and temps were near 90 on the days I had printing problems. I’m using Van Sons CML oil on a Kluge 10x15 w/4 rollers, photopolymer w/boxcar base.

My two questions:
1. Can the heat affect the ink?
2. If so, what can I do about it? (besides adding a/c, we don’t have a suitable window, I don’t want to blow a hole in the wall, and honestly I just really like working with the garage door wide open!) Are there additives that will help?


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Holly, heat, humidity, cold take your pick, they all will have you going crazy. Last year while working with the door open the rollers on my kluge softened up and stuck to the disc stopping the press. It might not be your ink, it could be the rollers, rubber rollers do better with the heat, composition rollers don’t like it. Check with you ink company and see what they recommend, maybe something to stiffen it up. Myself i don’t like messing with the ink too much. dick g.