6 x 10 Kelsey Letterpress Model E

6 x 10 Kelsey Letterpress ‘Model E’
The Excelsior
Meriden, Connecticut

-Fully Restored to Better than NEW Condition
-Completely Disassembled, Repaired, Sandblasted, Polished, Painted and Reassembled
-Custom Mounted Oak Wood Base
-All New Custom Fit Steel Pins with New Retainers
-New Fasteners throughout including Socket Head Bolts and Brass Washers and Nuts
-Professional Grade Enamel Machine Grey Paint
-Brand New Rollers from NA Graphics (Value: $275)
-5 Cans of New and Never Opened Pantone Van Son Ink (Rubber Based)
-Chase Retapped with New Allen Head Set Screws

This letterpress is ready to start printing or just as an excellent piece of furniture. I love just looking at it!

You can use steel type or a 5” x 8.5” Deep Relief Boxcar Base. If you are interested I can put together a kit that includes a boxcar base, furniture/lead/slugs, and roller gauge for extra charge.

I am asking $1800 obo. SOLD!!!!

Shipping and Handling will be extra charge based on crate shipping charges.

Slideshow of Letterpress: http://s1024.photobucket.com/albums/y303/prestonvowels/for%20sale/letter...

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