Paul Frank, owner 

Perfection Type

Perfection Type, Inc. was established in 1923 as a typesetting service. In 1948, the company established sales and service of equipment to the industry. We have been proudly serving you over the past 88 years. Our philosophy remains steadfast: “To serve customer needs through prompt professional sales and service support.”

Perfection Type carries a large supply of cabinets, type drawers, letterpress equipment, 500 drawers of foundry type and related letterpress goods and essentials.

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Paul, this is Amy Budde in Helena MT. You looked at a Vandercook 2 this morning that John Biermann is selling. What do you think about pulling apart, moving and then giving the press a once over. My email is [email protected].
phone 406-449-3007
John needs my decision to purchase this press today. He has others in line.
Thank for your help with this.