Moving a vandercook no. 4

Does anyone have any experience moving a vandercook no. 4? I can’t find any specs on this model and I need to know if it can fit through a 36” doorway.

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Looks like the press is 2’ 2”, take the crank handle off, tie down the cylinder, and move carefully. I had a #4 for 7 years and moved it around several times.

Vandercook No. 4 Proof Press

Bed: 15″ × 35″
From 1950 Vandercook and 1953 WNU catalogs:
Maximum sheet: 14¾” × 20″
Maximum form: 14″ × 18″
Floor space: 2’2″ × 6’6″
Weight: 1100 lb
Price (1955): $1965

For reproduction and test proofs. Power ink distribution, type high bed, traveling sheet delivery tray. Optional split vibrator and riders.

I have also moved my #4 one too many times. Be sure to remember when lifting it, that you must not put too much pressure on the cabinet below the bed. The press needs to be secured to a pallet or skid, so the feet bear the weight. Also, they are top heavy, so keep an eye on it, (especially since you will likely need a thin pallet/skid to fit through your door). Best of luck :)
And check out for loads of good vandy tips.