10x15 C&P Old Style Manual or Parts Chart

I have read through the “Manual” section and many discussions seeking a manual or parts listing for an OLD series C&P 10x15. I recently purchased one that was torn down and am needing some visual reference to reassemble. Please contact me if you are willing to share yours or know of one posted on the internet. Thanks!!!

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I have a 10x15 oldstyle, if i can help over the phone i will, i would post pictures of mine but a can’t figure out the camera never mind posting a picture. Dick G.

Thanks for your kind offer Dick. I will contact you for answers I can’t find. If things go well, I plan on taking photos of the process and posting on my website, so there will be a reference online. Wish me luck!

mine is a 1909 treadle-operated 10x15. i don’t have a lot of photos of it, but if you can tell me what you need, i can snap a few and send them on.


now that i think about it, there are a couple on my website on the letterpress page. just overviews.


Congrats on the purchase Melstock! I have an 1895 C&P Old Style 10x15 and LOVE it. Get a treadle for it made if you don’t have one - there is a shop in Idaho that makes them fairly inexpensively. It is priceless as a treadle run press unless you have a lot of printing to do.

I’d be happy to help in any way I can - pics, email, whatever. Feel free to contact me.

Daniel // Red Kite Press

i have a 10x15 old style, too, and am happy to take pictures of various and sundry parts for you. still working on cleanup and getting her set up :-)

hoping someone can come up with manual / oil chart / etc…

See the following New Series.Basically the same press with some refinements.


Everyone has been so helpful…Thank you!!
I will post a photo when I have a spare minute. Am swamped trying to construct my new printshop. A carpenter I am not.

Now, I need to find an affordable proof press….