Letterpress Yard Sale in Pasadena, CA August 6

Letterpress Yard Sale
1190 N Michigan Ave, Pasadena, CA
Saturday, August 6, 2011
8am - 11am, please no early birds

We need to clear out our current printshop area for construction, so we’re selling off a lot of fun letterpress stuff to make space. Sad to see it go, but we’re selling off envelopes, cardstock, antique type collection, and letterpress equipment. We will be doing inventory on the type on Wednesday, so if you would like us to email the list as soon as we have it, please email me at [email protected].


Inks - over 80 cans available, originally bought off of a retiring printer. $5 / large 5 lb can, $2 / small 1 lb can, assorted colors and ink types

Cardstock - Arturo, Fabriano, Lanquerelle, Crane’s Lettra, Assorted Sizes $3 - $15

4” Heavyweight Round Coasters - 60 packs for $4

Envelopes - Waste Not, Arturo, Fabriano, Stardream, et al., Assorted Sizes. Mix and Match. $2 for 10, $5 for 25, $8 for 50, $15 for 100.

Antique Printer’s Cuts Large $5 each / Small $1 each

Ink Scale $5

Metal Hamilton Type Cabinet, Full of Type, $500 OBO
- Cabinet includes Commercial Script, Pirensi Italic, Bernhard Modern Bold, Bank Gothic, PT Barnum, Venus, & Bernhard Cursive Bold
- Complete font list will be available Wednesday and can be viewed and purchased by appointment before the yard sale. First preference will be given to buyers who want to buy the complete type cabinet. Otherwise, fonts will be available at the yard sale $25 no drawer (you can package it yourself or buy it pied) or $40 with drawer.

Packaged Type (complete uppers, lowers & numbers): 12pt Greetings $20, 14pt Park Avenue $25, 24pt Palace Script $30, 18pt unidentified Serif font $25, 48pt Bembo $30.

Other random letterpress odds and ends will be available as well alongside household items.

Will not ship - pickup on Saturday only. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

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