Can anyone identify this press?

I put a “wanted” ad on Kijiji for old presses.

I got a response from someone that has one in their garage, in pieces. She sent me a picture of it put together. She literally knows nothing on it, and I’m a bit skeptical since she said it’s taken apart. It also looks like it has been painted/semi-restored?

It looks like a C & P to me, can anyone else identify it?

Thanks in advance.

image: 0351lh7_19.jpeg


image: 6852nef_19.jpeg


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Gordon Franklin, need more and better pictures!

Thanks! She’s sending me them tomorrow…. I’m not in a hurry to get a press, and she said that she “thinks” its broken/in bad shape. It sounds like she picked it up because she wanted to start a letterpress business and then realized she didn’t have the space to put the press together / the knowledge or desire to learn printing etc.

So I’m a bit skeptical of the press. She’s taking pictures of the pieces - I’ll post them.

Where is it located?