Presses available on e-bay, BUYER BEWARE!!

This morning I’m just looking over a few Kelsey presses available on ebay. Here are some
5x8 Model “P” starting bid: $199.00. CHASE BED IS MISSING!
ALSO 3x5 (NO ROLLERS, CORES OR TRUCKS. Buy it Now at $325.00.
We’ll see these people in a few weeks on Briar Press wanting to buy these parts!
P.T. Barnum was right…

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There are a lot of people with little, or no, knowledge about these presses who somehow hear that they are in demand and realize they have (an incomplete press) in their garage which could mean money in the bank. A lot of them include a “complete to my knowledge, sold as is” or similar.

If I see something like a missing ink disc or chase/bed, I usually shoot them an email explaining what is missing and that these parts are tough to find, most end up changing their descriptions to reflect that and thank me for the information, a couple have ignored me…

Research is money saved.



I sent an email to the party listing the press minus a chase bed, and sent him (or maybe her) pictures of what the part looks like. He’s selling it for a friend and didn’t know it was incomplete, and he does have a 100% satisfaction rating, so my guess is he’ll look for the part.

As for the one missing the ink plate, it’s up to $205 with an hour left to go. I wonder if Lou has an ink plate sitting around…

Letterpress Things has some Kelsey parts from time to time. Dick G.

I believe that some 5x8 Kelseys have right- or some have left-handed ink disks. Some Kelsey persons may be more knowledgeable about this!!

Nineteen bids with $257.52 as the winner(?). Qoute from the listing:
…all appears fine. The cast iron has a wonderful aged patina; it obviously will need to be cleaned up and oiled if you intend on using it but I see no reason it would not be fully fine functional. This is the larger size of the 2 common models, the other model being 3x5 size. It weighs 57 pounds.
There are paragraph and paragraphs describing this press courtesy of

There was just recently a Model press sold on ebay that was missing the chase and trucks. The seller was fully aware that these parts were missing but chose not to mention it in the description. Instead he just said it was being sold as is.