Which Platemaker to buy

Would like to buy a platemaker to help with order turnaround

Have no idea what make or model to get.

Live in the UK and have seen some not sell on ebay for £10.

Mitsubishi Silver Master CP414 S - Platemaker

Eskofot 164 Silver Master - Platemaker

Are the right thing?

I’d want a unit with a washup, scrub section and drying dawer.

any help apreciated.

also where is a good place to get negatives made?


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I’m pretty sure the silver master platemaker is for making plates for offset printing, they won’t make polymer plates. Dick G.

I think you’re right, Dick. Best, Geoff

Both of the platemakers are for making silver master offset printing plates. Not what you need for relief plates.
Because of DPM’s most of the silvermaster/camera type platemakers are going to the dump, they are yesterdays technology in todays market. Don’t give them a second thought.
chuck the printer

I am sure you are going to get sick of seeing my name soon ! have a go at locating a trade name called Miraclon. Alternatively try photopolymer exposure units. you can scrub the exposed plates with a scrubbing brush under a tap if you have any patience . dont leave them immersed in water ! once you have washed away the background you can dry them in the sun and the longer they in it the better. unfortunately they dont store well in the damp so your bedroom is going to become an annexe to your print room !

Having just returned to working a Heidelberg platen, starting in the 1960s then going through the litho Heidelberg machines, it seems it is easier to find a litho machine minder than a letterpress minder, anyway I am in the UK and we use miraclon plates we get ours from Litho Supplies would you beleive, they are a nationwide supplier so there should be a branch near you, as for a platemaker we use a Polimero A4, made in Houstra, Holland. It is a combined exposure, washout and drier in one unit of course you have to move the plate around manually but I can recommend both of these products, hope this helps.

Bit off subject but I too started out printing Letterpress 1971 and “progressed” to Litho and have just returned to letterpress printing, just cannot believe the irony of the situation.
Blush Publishers advertising on briar press (American) site for a letterpress printer in UK.
I am using a Polimero A3 works OK

I understand Houstra went out of business. Their Polimero is not a bad machine but it uses mechanical timers and they are unreliable as the age. Exposure times are critical, so if you find a used Polimero, use an external timer to track exposures.