Duplexing techniques

Hello printers,

I was wondering if some of you guys can shed some light on how to duplex business cards. I’ve had my first client request a batch of 1000 cards printed front and back and duplexed.

I am looking for insight on the standard practices. Pretty much from the parent sheet to the final product, including:

registering front and back, printing before or after gluing, which glue, applying pressure to the stock, etc

I am printing on a vandercook 219. It’s probably a good time for a Windmill for a job like this.

Thank you all!

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I run 24 inch mother sheets thru a cold gluer, and a Potdevin Roller Press, cut for printing, printed, final trim.

Or printed, than one side run thrue a cold gluer and thru a roller press.

If you know how to print, registration shouldn’t be an issue