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I found this item on ebay today.

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This book is worth the money, if you want to learn more about letterpress and setting up your equipment and doing letterpress work.

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Covering the Platen Press Operation Written With Two Aims in Mind: to Direct the Beginning Student in his Learning about Platen Presswork and to Assist the Advanced Student or Journeyman Press Operator to Improve the Efficiency of his Techniques and the Quality of the Jobs Which he Prints. The chapters are based upon Lectures Prepared for Classes in Platen Presswork Operation at the School of Printing Management, Carnegie Institute of Technology.

contents: 1.The Four Major Processes: Relief Printing // Planographic Printing // Itaglio Printing // Stencil Printing // 2. Presses Used In Letterpress Printing: the Platen Press // the Cylinder Press // the Rotary Press

3. Parts of the Platen Press // 4. Imposition and Lockup for Platen Press: Lockup Tools and Materials // Fundamental Principles of Platen Press Lockup // 5. Preparation of the Press for Printing: Oiling and Wiping // Preparation of Makeready // Setting the Guides and Grippers // Adjusting the Platen Impression Screws

6. Platen Press Makeready: Makeready Tools and Materials // Imperfections in the Form // Slurs // Ink // Adjusting Printing Pressures // Adjusting the Guides // Adjusting the Ink Fountain // 7. Hand Feeding: How To Hand Feed // Register // Uniformity of Inking // Offsetting // Work-ups and Pull-outs // Other Defects

8. Care of the Press and Form: equipment for cleaning // cleaning the form // cleaning the press // 9. The Chandler and Price Automatic: A Description of the Chandler and Price Feeder // Sequence of Steps in Setting the Feeder // Locating Feeder Troubles // Special Attachments // the 14.5 x 22 Craftsman Automatic

10. The Kluge Automatic: A Description of the Kluge Feeder // Sequence of Steps in Setting the Feeder // Locating Feeder Troubles // How To Open the Feeder for Press Preparation // Special Attachments // 11. The 10 x 15 Original Heidelberg: A Description of teh Hiedelberg Feeder // Controls of the Heidelberg Press // Sequence of Steps in Setting the Feeder // How To Wash the Heidelberg Press // Locating Feeder Troubles

12. Forms Requiring Special Preparation: envelopes // multiple-run forms // multiple color forms // numbering machine forms // perforating rule forms // scoring rule forms // thermography // die cutting forms // printing oversize sheets // friskets // patent bases // embossing and die stamping // 13. History and Uses of the Platen Press: the era of the hand press // introduction of power presses // the Gordon Press // The Universal Press // Roll Fed Platen Presses // Automatic Sheet Feeders // Small Size Presses

14. Printing Papers // 15. Platen Press Inks: components of platen press inks // selection of the correct ink for the paper // handling and storage of inks // color mixing and matching // metallic and gloss inks // rubber base inks // 16. Inking Rollers // 17. Original Plates: Photoengravings // the Fairchild Scan-a-graver // Hand Carved Blocks // 18. Duplicate Plates: Electrotypes // Stereotypes // Molded Rubber Plates // Molded Plastic Plates

all in this dated 1953, 150 page Scarce hardcover book in overall good condition with overall clean and intact pages and good binding with some cover and edge wear and spotting and this neat vintage 1953 1st Edition book measures about 11.25” x 8.75” And THANKS SO MUCH FOR LOOKING AT THIS NEAT BOOK - please see all our other neat Books in Our Ebay Store - with More of These and Other Great Books added Daily


This is not my item, I know as a letterpress man this is a good book to help you learn more.

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Why is this seller afraid to mention the title of this book. All that description…what’s the title??

God question, I just emailed the seller to find out your answer.

The illustrations match George J.Mills’ _Platen Press Operation_. (Pittsburgh, PA: Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1953.) It is indeed a good book, but there are two copies presently listed by regular booksellers via for much less than the “buy it now” price of this ebay item.

David M. MacMillan

There was an eBay seller who has been doing this for years, scanning tables of contents and many pages but never naming book title or author. Very odd strategy, but it may catch motivated but uninformed bidders who would be unable to do a book search for cheaper sources.

Thanks Mac and Imp.
I guess we have to be aware every minute of some of these sellers. Everybody has their gimmick or scheme!! I do recall the book as I have a copy and there are paperbacks and hard covers available!!

The price is high if the book is just scanned. I thought it was a real book he was selling.

Thank you Stanislaus Pekala for pointing it out that this is not a book, but just scanned pages.

I’m not suggesting that the seller is flogging a scanned copy. I just meant he scans very many pages of the book to show that it has interesting contents, to catch buyer’s attention, but never identifies the book or author. A buyer can’t research and compare.

Perhaps asking the bidder for a viewing, which some times is allowed due to personal pick up instead of posting?

It may look completely different in your hands instead of a photo.

Cheers, Zind

I emailed this seller for more definite information as to title and author several days ago. As of today, no response.