Does anybody have a 10x15 Parts press?

I am in need of two bolts that hold the side frame to the center frame pieces on a 10x15 C&P Old Style.
I tried the local hardware store but there seems to a slight taper to the original bolt and a standard bolt does not go all the way in.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Hope you find someone with a parts press.

C&P Old Style presses use some bolts with non-standard thread pitches. If there is another of the same bolts remaining on the press, a machinist can make some new ones using that as a guide.

Trying to re-tap the brittle cast iron frame to accept a standard pitch bolt would be very bad idea.

Try Dave Churchman

Paul M,
I have those bolts you need. $5 for a pair plus shipping.

Hi John,
I am very interested in getting those bolts from you. I sent a message off post with shipping details for a final price. if you haven’t received it please let me know and we will try again.
Thank you very much for you assistance.