Slug cutter

What does an average condition slug cutter go for $ ??
The old Golding style guillotine ones you see, I’m looking for one

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$50 - $100…Goldings are seemingly a bit more rare than an “American”, which I believe are made by Rouse.
I’ve seen them for less than $50, and others have asked as much as $125 buy-it-now on eBay.

There are other less substantial alternatives like a Kelsey model, which work fine. I have two Rouse cutters and a Kelsey, but I like the Rouse.

Often you see them missing parts, especially the flip up thing (table?) on the right of the cutter (on the Rouse). It will work without it, but I would look for one that has all the parts. I have even seen them for sale without the gauge, and you would certainly want that.
Goldings don’t come up that often, but I have seen them.


Here is the Golding I have For Sale.

image: IMAG0110.jpg


Another picture!

image: IMAG0111.jpg


I’ll take it, looks good, sent you an email on the details we discussed. Thanks!

When looking for them check ebay. Many are mislabeled as tobacco cutters

I have one in great condition if anyone else needs one.