Identifying These Adana’s?

I just brought two Adana press’s, I’ve worked out that one is a NO/3 thanks to the seller. But I’m wondering what type of models these both are. I can see they are both Adana’s but one looks different in terms of the frame work.

I’m currently researching but any quick information from you press pros would help a lot!

I want to restore these press’s, but from advice do they look restorable? The reason why I’m asking is because I’m waiting delivery.

Much appreciated!

image: one.gif


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Second image

image: two.gif


I don’t know too much about how Adana names their models, but to me these look like the same press in two different generations.

My old university had two recent, refurbished, 5”x8” Adanas, the second press appears to have a similar body style to those, so I’d say it is the newer of the two.

They both look like easy projects. Looks to me that both of them are in working order, with everything present (sans rollers on the first one) and should only need a light clean and some oil to be ready to go.

These Adana presses look easy to disassemple as well, if you were thinking of a more in-depth restoration.


Cheers Kim got them both for £75 so I thought they would be a neat little addition to my new hobby!

Thank you for the information, I came across some manuals within the help section of the website as to how to clean and look after them not to mention other bits as well.

Thanks as well for the reassurance of restoring these press’s.


If it were me, I’d get them in working order and not do a thing to them cosmetically. I’m of the opinion that they have character…as is.
Old presses are not like furniture and other antiques, like barn fresh unmolested stock motorcycles, where it is recommended that one should never refinish them if they are truly potentially valuable; that’s not my point.
It doesn’t seem to change the value with old presses, and it seems that they actually sell for more when restored. (That might not be the opinion of those who collect them a hundred years from now, however).
I just like the original patina of things like this.
This is only my opinion and what I would do with them if they were mine…but they are not.
I have never restored any of the presses that I own. I have only cleaned the grease and rust off them, and use them.
To each his own, I suppose.
That being said, restored Adanas do look nice when restored, with new red paint and all.
I am more interested in what they can do.

My two picas worth.

I’ll mention an exception here; I have an old paper cutter that I will restore someday, because somebody already painted it, and it looks awful, with the “new” gray paint chipping off, after only 50 years or so, and seeing black paint with faded gold pin striping underneath.


I agree with Dave, clean off the dirt, oil the holes and grease the springs and print. What use is it to restore them back to a pristine state. Now they have got a history to tell.

It looks like you have got a Adana HS2 or HS3, more likely it’s a HS2 and what looks to me a 5 x 3.

I’ll send you some stuff by mail, manual and photos to compare.

Just looking at the photographs, I’d say at least one is a HS2, one of which I use only rarely now, but are quite good. You can still get rollers easily even PVC ones. Nice presses and a good start.
The offered manual (above) sounds good.
Dennis W

Here you are for HS2 rollers:

Hey Dave,

I’ll take this into consideration for the oldest press as it still living its true colours. Theres something about that dark red paint that looks amazing!!

I can see where you and Thomas are coming from its nice to keep something that has a richness to it and a story to tell, this is something I shouldn’t erase. I might consider restoring the newest model as in agreement to your opinion its also nice to see a press in a new coat that looks new and striking.

I have to say thank you a lot for the pdf manual Thomas it will come in great use!! As well as the link for new roller replacements. Also the photo for identification!

Cheers for the lead Thomas and Lasimp I did find a useful website based purely on Adana presses which seems to be useful. I’m also using the archive on this site as well!

Thanks again.