Kelsey 3x5 letterpress pair of them

Ive got 2 3x5 kelsey letterpresses for sale. 1 is brand new the 2nd is used. comes with a bunch of type, furniture, etc. Basically a friend of the family bought 2 setups years ago. Took 1 out and messed with it. the other never got used. Looking to get 1200 for everything, they have to be picked up in tucson az. If interested I can dig out the boxes of accessories to see whats all in there. owner had a type drawer made and I think I remember 8 to 10 drawers with different type face in each drawer. Really perfer to sell it all together. Im more of a gearhead than a letterpress person. Willing to trade for a 72 and earlier chevy project. May consider other GM cars. Thanks!
Found another box full of type still in wrappers this is a box about 5x6x15 inches type, spacers etc.

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