Which paper to use with gold ink?


I am printing wedding invitations and wanted to use this metallic gold ink I ordered. I tested some business cards on 110lb Crane Lettra, which is obviously very absorbent and soaks up the metallic element. I was told that a coated paper would work, which makes sense, but I’m not looking for anything too shiny. I’ll try and explain what I’m looking for - hopefully it exists!

Would like a double thick cover, white, matte(ish) paper that would allow the metallic shine and slight impression. I recall once seeing a very thick (like 600 gsm), heavy, very smooth white paper. I only saw it on another person’s invitation so unfortunately I don’t have a sample.

Any ideas or input?
Thank you in advance!

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Strathmore makes a 130# cover, mics at .0192, my book states the M weight as 520 for 26 x 40, gsm as 352. Uncoated with a smoother finish than Lettra
Finch makes a 200# ultra smooth cover, .0242 and M weight of 800 for the same size sheet.
To put that into perspective, cranes Lettra 110# mics at 0.210 and has an M weight of 440 for 26 x 40, doesn’t list the gsm though.
As I recall neither of these alternatives were as “soft” as lettra don’t take quite as deep an impression but print beautifully

Uncoated stocks do not do well with metallic inks, you might consider dusting the wet gold ink with bronzing powder.

It is kind of a messy operation, dust it on, then shake the printed sheet and tap it on a hard surface to remove the loose powder. It will absorb into the wet ink surface and dry with the ink. If you rub it after it dries it will give you gold fingers. It will have a metallic finish.

Bronzing was used for years in letterpress (a long time ago)for certificate borders and other such documents. It was available from ink suppliers. Seems scrapbookers use it now and I’ve seen it in crafts stores in small containers. A little bit goes a long way.

Noticed they had several shades of gold and silver. Hope this helps.

You may wish to try this.
Print first with oil base yellow. Insure that you feed to the pins very carefully so each piece is in register with every other piece.
Do not remove the chase…
Clean press and form
Allow yellow printed pieces to dry.
Ink press with gold and print.
If you try this, please report back. I have not done this process with Lettra

Reich Savoy has better Ink holdout. I’ve been printing on both Cranes and Reich for years and prefer Savoy on some jobs.

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