Kluge Suction Line Filters

If you are restoring a Kluge and like us have broken or just plain nasty filter bodies (plastic nipples that house the brass filters) in the feed and delivery suction lines we have found a suitable replacement.


However, they are not amber in color… believe me I spent several hours researching and was unable to find amber plastic nipples (someone please prove me wrong - I would love to have amber). Even Kluge appears to only carry clear. Who knows, maybe the original was clear and over the years they are now amber?? Unfortunately, the factory delivery was well before my time….

Also, if you need to replace the brass filter, you can make one yourself out of Woven 80 brass wire mesh. This can be purchased many places including Dick Blick. You can form the brass screen mesh and use a hard solder or a spot welder if you have one. Looks and works just like original on a Model M.

If your not fortunate enough to have the original fittings that the nipples screw into, a trip to the hardware store will get you what you need - functionally just not aesthetically ;(. I have found the Ace in my area tends to be better than the big box stores in my for obscure parts, but more expensive.

Keep these old presses alive!

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