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Poco No. 0 “Zero” Proof Press

SOLD: Poco No. 0 “Zero” Proofing Press, $950
[This press has been sold. Thanks to all of you who inquired. 21 November 2011]

This vintage 1920’s proofing press, serial no. G2105, is in good working order with a smooth action. It has been cleaned and lubricated. The gear track and cylinder gear teeth are clean and complete. This press has a detachable feed table and includes the pin wrench. Original Hacker Mfg. metal frame cabinet comes with wooden shelves.

The bed pins have been removed on the right end to allow a galley to be slid onto it. There is a chip out of the bed casting at the bed stop that does not affect operation. Before we acquired the press in the 90’s, the crank was repaired in two spots.

Nominal bed size 12 by 18 inches.

Press dimensions in use on cabinet 52” W x 27 1/4” D x 51” H

Press dimensions for shipping 33 1/2” W x 25” D x 14 1/2” H

Cabinet 30 1/4” W x 20” D x 31 1/2” H

Approximate Weight: Press 210 Lbs, Cabinet 120 Lbs.

For information about all things Poco Zero consult:

Asking price $950 complete, FOB Port Townsend.

Packing and shipping to be arranged.

Email with questions.

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image: Nameplate.jpg


image: Poco and Original Cabinet.jpg

Poco and Original Cabinet.jpg

image: Sideways.jpg


image: Crank.jpg


image: Left side of bed with pins.jpg

Left side of bed with pins.jpg

image: Right side of bed without pins.jpg

Right side of bed without pins.jpg

image: Pin Wrench.jpg

Pin Wrench.jpg

image: Crank Repair 1.jpg

Crank Repair 1.jpg

image: Crank Repair 2.jpg

Crank Repair 2.jpg

image: Bed Stop.jpg

Bed Stop.jpg