gans nature wash??

Do you need to use a solvent to clean up after gans nature wash? Im trying to find a good press wash/roller cleaner that is not super toxic. My space is small (and smells bad enough right now as is!)

Thoughts? I have always used kerosene but it leaves a smell that’s not super enticing.

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I use Citra Solv, and usually cut it with about 30% water.
Its an all natural cleaner based with orange oil, and has no petroleum products , and is non toxic.
I buy it at my local health food store, but a lot of major retailers carry it, or you could find it on line.
It smells like oranges, but stronger, but it is pretty much harmless. You can also toss it in the trash, instead of needed special disposal arrangements like some solvent.
I haven’t had any problems with it so far. :)

I am pretty happy with Gans low odor press wash. It doesn’t require following it with any sort of rinse or second wash. Haven’t tried their nature wash, but they do make good products.

Even with low odor solvents you are inhaling dangerous fumes. Good ventilation is a must in a pressroom. And take your spent rags outdoors to off-gas away from enclosures.


Citra Solv is Non-toxic? I suggest that you read the MSDS sheet for this product:

The “may be harmful or fatal if swallowed” bit caught my attention. It is also combustible.


I called Gans Ink this morning. The Nature Wash is only available shipped from their Los Angeles facility. They do recommend following it with a wash, although the MSDS says a water wash is fine. It is an oil designed to break down the ink and make clean up easier.

Do you use Gans Nature Wash to clean metal/wood type?
Or just rollers?

If you use Nature Wash on type, do you always rinse with water, or is just a good wipe-down enough?