First project

My first project on my Gordon was printing coin envelopes that hold my scroll saw ornaments I give out at Christmas. I used speedball block ink, water solvable ink, which was reall easy to clean roll and disc off….don’t know if that’s a good ink to use but it’s what I had readily available. Had a problem with my old die cut, on of the edges were slightly raised causing an edge mark, didn’t figure that one till the end. All in all it got me started printing!!!

Got to the PC to post a pic. I have a lot of blue tape everywhere, but that was because I didn’t want to ruin my one and only tympan sheet (need to get more) so I put down a note sheet and taped my gauge pins down and it seemed to work well. As stated, my die cut was a little high one one edge, thought about filing it down, but I didn’t.

Wasted a lot of envelopes but learned a few things anyway!

image: gordon press.jpg

gordon press.jpg

image: cmas env.jpg

cmas env.jpg

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Pictures! Pictures!

Congratulations, you are now a printor. You should be able to find some ink in your area, so many printers are going out of business there must be lots of ink around, almost any offset ink will work well with letterpress, you will most likely get better results if you lose the speedball ink.

Thanks Dick! I wouldn’t go that far yet! I just managed at this point to get an image repeatedly on paper and not get my fingers smashed! Maybe after a few more jobs and a few years I could be called a Printer! I will check around on the ink. Do you use mineral spirits to clean that up? Thanks!

Coleman fuel is what i like, you can use keroscene but it leaves a oily film on the rollers, odorless mineral spirits work great, my all time favorite and i’ll get in trouble for this but gasolene is about the cheapest and works very good, you can use offset blanket wash. Myself i mix blanket wash and gasolene half and half. You got an image on paper, that my friend is a printer.

Dick, Dick, Dick….Remember, no gasoline in the print shop. Very highly flammable, fumes are carcinogenic, bad stuff.

Yer buddy,

I knew you would give me heck, i mostly use coleman fuel, but when i run out its grab the gas can, all the old shops always used it but that don’t mean its right, i’m glad you keep me in line, Dick G.

DickG: You’ve got plenty of heck, but I didn’t give it to you.