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I’m a designer from Belgium. My eduction between age of 13 and 18 was to become a printer. In school back then (1993-1998) I leard to print with Heidelberg, letterpress … Now I’m 30, I live behind my computer and I don’t want that anymore. The ink, the Heidelberg Degelpress, the lead, the wood … It’s in my head for 15 years now.

Now, I want to print. In my house. Handwork, just for fun and see what happens. Start with something.

So, I can buy this press (see picture) in a local auction. Can anybody here advice me? I know what I can do with it (print wooden letters, polymere plates or lead after hand-inking, … right?). What would be a fair price?

I just want to start. Make posters with one or maybe 2 colours. Make cards, invitation. … Any advice would be great. Thanks a million!

Kind regards.

image: Schermafbeelding 2011-11-24 om 20.07.46.png

Schermafbeelding 2011-11-24 om 20.07.46.png

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Hello Peter, the press looks in good condition, it could start you off without paying to high a price. I reckon 350-450 euro would be a fair price. And you can print wood type, metal type and photopolymer plates on it. Check out if it is Dutch height or French height. Good luck with bidding!

Hello Thomas!

Thanks for the help! How can I check out the height?! Info with the auction says it’s 65 x 3,5 cm. I can go check it out on monday, the auction is on tuesday. Exciting!

Must say the price is already 325 euro … So thanks for the advice, I don’t think I go over 450 then.