Tudor Black Press

Registered2 Dec 11
ProprietorHugh Macfarlane
Record keepertudorblack
Address Faversham, Kent , United Kingdom
Web sitetudorblackpress.blogspot.com

The press was founded in 2005, and was initially a small jobbing press, the press has grown over the years and now has a 14 x 8 inch Minerva, 7x10 inch Peerless treadle platen, made by Cropper, Charlton & Co, Model No.2 handpress. It also has a small collection of early English typefounder founts, which includes, Caslon, Figgins, S&B, Blackfriars, City & Miller & Richard typefoundies.
The press over the last year has been producing limited edition private press books. Tudor Black Press

image: TBP Wood 005.jpg

TBP Wood 005.jpg