Warning Noise or Not

Hi All,

I posted a similar post as this, but I am asking again because when I thought I had it figured out…I don’t

My Franklin makes a low toned squeaking noise similar to that of a car door when you open it. Or a house door, anyway when the platen contacts the boxcar base and plate. OFF and it makes NO Noise.

What I have done:
Took tape off rails—-that stopped impression noise. Platen covered the rails when closed.
Added tape to trucks….all fine and dandy BUT
Put in boxcar base level, attached deep relief plate, NOISE BACK on Impression.

Before I run my Christmas Cards, should I just stop before something ruins? The press turns smooth and is quiet off Impression.

I never noticed this with old die cuts as well.

The noise isn’t as bad when wheel runs back towards me, I know from my posts replies that the wheel should go forward, but this press seems backwards, I say that because the Throw Off handle operates exactly backwards than a CP, in other words, Handle forward — Impression, Handle Back — no impression. This being the case could the wheel be designed as well to go backwards???

The noise seems to be coming from the large toothed wheel, yet there are no broken teeth, the arm and everything has been well oiled.

Anyone think that maybe the deep relief plate is too much, maybe this could take a standard plate since old die cuts produce no noise as well????

Do your presses make a sort of grunt noise, or scraping noise on impression? This really has me frustrated!!!! I don’t know whether to go ahead and print of not!!!!!!

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It shouldn’t matter if you have a deep relief plate or a standard one, it would only matter if you used a deep relief plate on a standard base. My old c&p made an awful noise when i printed a large form, the press almost stopped and the flywheel would jump a little. Every press makes some noise (except John Falstroms) the larger form you try to print the more pressure you need, if your press doesn’t make noises when not on impression then maybe you have too mush packing, don’t know what to tell you. Dick G.

Dick you may have it! My form is 4x6. I pulled three sheets of packing having three or four left and that squelched most of the groan. I haven’t inked yet, to get a print but hopefully tomorrow and will let you know….but am curious, how long does a old press take strain before being ruined? Not that i plan on trying it! Thanks! I really really value your help Dick!