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All night I have struggled, inking, thinning, reinking, finally gave up. The image below shows partially the image of the block I was printing left on the roller. I cleaned the roller off and rerolled it, but this was the result.
I posted two photos, the one showing both bad examples but one better than the other. The other shows the faded image on the roller. The rollers are new and after washing there is no permanent indention on them.
THe temp was about 55-60 in the garage and I have printed pretty decent stuff at the same temps, same ink , same rollers. etc.
Originally my ink was streaking on the rollers not evenly coating, then this….
Any suggestions on how to help this.

I also discovered a 16th” wiggle in my platen, so though this print wasn’t great I know it was a roller issue….I think.

image: photo.jpg


image: photo 2.jpg

photo 2.jpg

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Is it impression/press or is it ink. To test - take out the rollers and with a brand new correct packing make a print. Incline the sheet to the light inclined to check impression. Really study this. If it looks good and clean its rollers or ink. I find rubber based Van Son ink tricky in cold weather so I roll it up first on a clean sheet of perspex until it ‘sings’. Then roll the press up the using this worked ink. A tad ( very small amount) of reducer or even Kero might help. having a hand roller is very good advice!
Dennis Wild

Good advice from Lasimp. It is likely an inking issue. Long distance analysis without seeing the patient is risky. Ink gets less happy under 60F. Keep ink can in house so ink is happy warm when the press is inked. It won’t like the cold disc, but this will help a bit.
I assume you are working with a floor platen with throwoff. Double ink the form and then take out the chase. Examine it thoroughly to see if the form is well and evenly inked. This will tell you where to go next. Your form does not have extremely large solids, but some solids. These will strip ink from the rollers. You may need more ink, but try double inking first.

all good advise above. your rollers can shrink in the cold, you can try a sheet or two of bond paper behind the chase to raise your type (don’t forget to remove a sheet or two from your packing to allow for this), also if you wash your press and try to reink right away some cleaners won’t allow the rollers to take ink right away.

Take rollers in house too to stay warm.