Any cylinder pressmen use these?

I saw this style tray as an option in my Challenge 15MP manual and decided to make one. Does anyone else use one? How about any other additions to your presses that make production a little easier.


image: photo 3.JPG

photo 3.JPG

image: photo 2.JPG

photo 2.JPG

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That’s a nice attachment. And I like the color of your press also.
I’d love to make a delivery tray like yours, but I would probably add some stain to make it look less new/modern.

I was thinking a nice attachment would be the optional add-on lamp to have extra light around the press.

I’ve seen it on some models.

It’d be really nice to get one in the same style and have it painted the same color.

I agree about the aesthetics of it. I plan to seal it so I could more easily wipe off any stray ink that may wander onto it.

That’s a great idea- I agree about the staining/polyurethane- I just refinished my feed board and am really happy with the way it turned out- really matches the press well.

Just a quick off-topic question if you don’t mind- I see you’ve got Cromwell tympan on your cylinder. Can you tell me where you purchased it (if its fairly new)? I have some Sun-Pak, but would prefer Cromwell brand if it’s still being made/available.


My press came with a small roll of tympan precut for my press, so unfortunately I don’t have and resources for you. I use a sheet of Duralar on top of the tympan so each sheet lasts for a long time and stays very clean.