Die cutting - cost and tips


I’m interested in having some cards and business cards die cut after I’ve printed them - I like round edges, and I’d also like to have a bleed edge.

Can you tell me what the cost has been to you when you’ve had items die cut in the past? Rough cost is all I’m looking for - I suppose per 100 units. Just curious what kind of cost this adds to any project. When finding someone for the job, should I just search “die cutting service” or is there a better way to find someone, ie - they are typically in an offset print shop, etc.

Thanks for the help!

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Melissa, for round cornering i think it would be cheaper not to die cut but there are machines that are made for just that, they are like a paper drill, for bleed edges you run your card over sized and trim it down. Has our friend contacted you yet, he will, he does die cutting. Dick G.


Like Dick G said it will be cheaper to use a round cornering machine as opposed to buying a die and die cutting them.

Rough cost for the round corner dies in question let’s say about $100.00 and then the cost to run them at what ever the place you pick charges which can vary.

Or you can round corner and save buying dies and press charges as they shouldn’t charge the same to round corner as they would to die cut I would guess.

Good Luck,
Dave L

Round corner business card dies usually have a set price as often the die is an existing format with standard gutters in the sheet , if you doing at home on a treadle you could have a one up die and do them yourself !
I have seen the hand rounders there are a few appear on e bay etc for the card makers not as cheap as you would wish but they do a reasonable job if you dont get too greedy with the size of the piles ,I have seen them in a feww digital press cos no one complains about them till they have to sit and do it !