February Metal Type News

The February edition of the Metal Type newsletter is now out. To view the video, click here:

A number of people are currently looking for assistance in the forum. Don’t forget there’s no need to register now to post on the Metal Type Forum.

Colin Ansell needs some assistance identifying some Intertype mould liners (with photo): http://j.mp/xCuaBj

Mike Gunnell needs a photograph of his name set in type for a website project: http://j.mp/wcDB0Z

Roy Foley needs to find a home for some brand new Linotype mats (still in boxes, with pictures), UK: http://j.mp/yZFqWt

If you’re not on the Metal Type mailing list, you can join here. It’s just one email per month! http://j.mp/n3wkjc

I have recently launched Metal Type Printing. 250 letterpress business cards (to your design) for £75. 750 100gsm A6 flyers (again to your design) for £100. Further details: http://j.mp/x3sEhX

All the Best
Dave Hughes
York, UK

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re Intertype mould (mold) liners,
compare them with the liners in an Intertype (I presume you have one?)
The liners look like the one which belongs in the end of the mould nearest the matrix assembler when the mould is in the casting position.

I do not understand the reference to
to me, a wedge has a taper.

The double hole (something like a figure 8) in the liners in the picture is to allow locating the mould cap to either of two positions, to overcome a problem with the rib on the mould possibly aligning with the end of the other liner; we had a problem with this, had to alter the rectangular part of the one of the bolts which hold the ends of the mould cap.


I seem to be making a lot of comments, but here is another:

re suggestions on prices of equipment/machinery, I can only say that during the year 2011, bananas sold in my town at prices between $Aus1.00 a kilogram and $Aus15.99 a kilogram; SUPPLY and DEMAND ! ! ! ! !