Is this possible ?


Is it possible to print this – using a polymer plate – on an Adana 8x5, 1 colour on 350gsm Colorplan?

The size is just under A5. it does fit into an 8x5 chase.
What problems should I be aware of? Is this asking too much of the dana?

Many Thanks

image: Picture 1.png

Picture 1.png

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Without being an expert on the Adana’s capabilities, I would think this is stretching it.

Why dont you cut the plate in three pieces, cutting inbetween the lines of text? After you have printed one piece, line the cut on the next plate up with the cut on the one you just printed and then peel the old one off. Setup between the parts should be fast and pretty damn perfect, no need for new tabs or guides. It will take a bit longer, but I am sure it will make your life easier and give better results.

Hi Dean:
Kimaboe’s suggestion is great. I’ve used it several times when I need to because of not enough type in the font to set the job, or there’s more type in the chase for the form size and the press size. But then my problem is controlling the ink for an acceptable color match in all three portions. This I have no problem with black ink, although I have a big problem with colors. My suggestion: have someone run this on an 8x12 or 10x15 press.