The Didot Family of Printers

Anybody out there know much about the “Didots”? All of these are listed in the index of Theodore Low DeVinne’s Plain Printing Types, 1914.
1. Ambroise Firmin, 2. Firmin, 3. Francois, 4. Francois-Ambroise, 5. Henri, 6. Hyacinthe,
7. Jules, 8. Pierre Francois.
Please pardon my French, as I’ve misplaced my cedilla!
Am looking for anything about the Didots,\: their inventions, accomplishments, ages. etc.

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GOOGLE on the Internet brought up some info; some was duplication.


While I know very little about them in any detail, I’ve tried to sort out a little bit of the family and foundry history at:

This is of course just a sketch trying to sort out the four generations of a family deeply involved in typefounding, printing, bookselling, and papermaking.

Please let me know if you spot any errors, or might suggest additions.

David M.

David M.:
Thank you, thank you for sharing your research about the Didots. Four generations of printers, WOW!! All of my life at the trade and I’m still learning.
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