Letterpress. What kind of press?

So I want to get into letterpress. I have 2 small presses a pull down one for linoleum and one for intaglio. Would either of these work for letterpress? I can afford another one at the moment

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the pull down press will work for letterpress. You can make a chase out of wood (search here or someone may have the link, I’m sorry I don’t have it atm)

The intaglio press, if you can raise your pressure roller up high enough and you have a chase for it, you ought to be able to roll through it. My type is 15/16” and the bottom of my galleys are 1/16” bringing it to 1” (type high).

I am hoping to get a litho plate press and use that for much larger pieces (posters larger than 10x16) in small runs.

If you’re looking for a source to get dies, be sure to check us out at www.owossographic.com.