Coasters on Vandercook

Will coaster/blotter perform well on a SP-15?
I haven’t printed on this medium yet and wasn’t sure if the smaller circumference of the sp15’s cylinder will bend the stock too much or crack it.
Anyone with experience with a coaster stock on a proof press please chime in.
Thank you much.

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Speaking from experience with a Number 4, which is not that different from an SP15 in the ways you’re curious about, the coaster material is thick and stiff like you’re concerned about- it slaps the shit out of the press because it’s so stiff. Obviously you also probably need to be printing on a larger sheet of the material than one coaster, to allow for the gripper margins, which means you later need to cut it down or have it die-cut.

This is work best done on a platen press if you have access- one can print on any size coaster if they’re careful enough with setting the gauge pins.