What’s it worth?

I have a bunch of equipment that I aquired in a purchase of an entire letterpress shop. I am trying to weed out the items I want to keep and which items I want to let go. I have come across a Rouse miter cutter and I’d like to know how much it might be worth. I’m considering selling it on ebay, or I have a friend that might be interested. I’ve attached some pictures of the item, so you can see the condition/quality. Thanks for any help you all can provide.

image: Brand


image: Side View

Side View

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I have the deluxe version of this miterer and wouldn’t have paid more than 100 dollars for it in great condition- it isn’t a really demanded item; while useful when performing it’s one function, it isn’t an everyday use kind of thing.
Your is also lacking the adjustable stops- which are necessary for fine tuning the length of the item to be mitered- and otherwise you’re stuck with the tooth increments that the stop can slide to.

I’d wager it could fetch between 50-100 dollars depending upon the condition after clean-up. you may find, in the long run, that cleaning it up actually takes more time/effort than it’s worth, because these items don’t sell for that much more when actually cleaned up.
So unless antique restoration and mechanical devices are your thing, I would pass it on to a printer who needs it and is therefore willing to put in the work.