V-50 and card stock


Really a newby at letterpress in general.

I want to do some die-cutting in quantity so I got a V-50. Having trouble getting it to pick-up heavy card stock consistently. I only have one set of the suction feet. Tried rubber suckers and they pick-up the sheet, but i lose control of the pile height.

What’s the best way to go here? Can I buy a set of the right sucker pads?


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The feeder shoes regulate pile height, so if using the rubber suckers cause a problem, add a third feeder shoe holder and shoe somewhere in the middle of the sheet and that will regulate pile height. New feeder shoe holders are still available, but made from plastic now.

I gave up on the original Miehle feeder shoes a long time ago and use the Bigfoot product with great succes ever since. Those also require an original style feeder shoe assembly to regulate pile height, and these things will pick up anything, assuming there are not stock problems like excessive sheet curl, bad stock edges caused by dull knives, and the like. As a disclaimer, I now sell the Bigfoots but I sell them because they are a great product.