ID Help Please

Does anyone have a press like this? The “Press Co.”
I believe it is an 8x12. I am curious about it’s history, I like it’s small footprint, like a Pearl. Thanks!

image: img_0781.jpg


image: img_0775.jpg


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check with Alan at Excelsior Press in New Jersey, i think he has one, i believe its a Kelsey Star, 7x11 (i could be wrong)

Thanks Dick! I did some more checking and found an old thread on BP and this info:[email protected]/4547871201/

I love how the price was $60…

my grandfather bought me a kelsey 3x5 for my 13th birthday, it came with 3 fonts of type, rollers, tympan and pressboard, 2 type cases, tweezers and a line gauge, i think it was around $60.00, that was in 1961, i still have that press.

Cabin Press,

We have a Kelsey Star
The chase size is 7x11
Complete with treadle.

T & T Press