Ink Color Help

I have a very “beginner” question for y’all. I bought a letterpress and she had several tubs of ink she sold me with it. One was a tub of “process black”. Can someone please explain the different types of black (mixing black, versus printing straight black, etc.) as well as the different types of whites. She sent a tub of opaque white as well. Thanks in advance!

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Process black is usually not quite as dense as jobbing black or dense black , it is formulated for printing halftones etc and will dry well when printed over another colour ,black ink can be made using pure carbon black or it can contain a small quantity of colour ,because of this mixing black contains no colour only carbon or your shades containig yellows will go green when you are after a brown !
As for whites that is more complicated as you are interfering with reflected light with the use of opaque white and with transparent white you are basically watering down a shade whilst not interfering with the reflection of light , i can think of no simpler way of putting it ,there are many posts referring to inks on here some of them better informed than myself.!!