Slanted wooden typecase topper

Picked up this topper when I bought two typecases recently and decided I need the flat surface on top more than I need a beautiful slanted wooden piece like this to hold type cases and galley trays. It’s two-sided with the normal slanted surface and raised shelf on one side, with numbered divided storage for leads and slugs on the other side, should you have enough space to have 2 type cases in the middle of the room.

The wood is in good condition, the metal is a bit bent on one side but nothing that probably can’t be bent back or otherwise not be in the way. If interested I’ll get a better picture of that part.

Looking to see if anyone local (or who’s up for driving) is interested. Please get in touch with offers if you are interested. It’s in Brooklyn in a building with a freight elevator.

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image: 314_sm.jpg


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image: 313_sm.jpg