Excelsior Co., Rhode Island/Lou Colavecchio

I recently purchased an 8X5 Kelsey letterpress, restored completely by Lou Colavecchio of Excelsior Co., in Rhode Island. It was, and is, an excellent machine—I’m a beginner, but have already printed a few simple things with it. He shipped it 3,000 miles to me, and packed it up in a super-sturdy crate, and it made it unscathed. I’m completely satisfied with my Kelsey letter press and the dealings I had with Excelsior Co.
Irving Warner, Port Hadlock, Washington

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Why didn’t you buy the new pilot he is/was selling?

Good point. The initial poster has been a member of Briar Press for just 11 weeks, with no other posts or comments. This post came from outta nowhere. Something’s fishy. Either he was bribed by or is actually the person named in title of this post, having changed his User Name. When will this nonsense end? Geez.

The reason I have not been a member of Briar Press very long, is because I’ve just begun printing and don’t know much about it, unlike many keen observers on this thread. I’m an author, and you can check me out on Amazon.com and/or my web site (www.irvingwarner.com) and to my knowledge have not just come out of nowhere. Also, I don’t take bribes — or at least thus far in my 71 years. My advice to Armchair Detective is to put a lid on derisive comments concerning people about which he has no knowledge. (Irving Warner, Port Hadlock, Washington)

Greetings Irving, and congratulations on the purchase of your press. Here’s hoping that you get a lot of enjoyment out of it. If I can be of any help, please feel free to contact me either on Briarpress or by email (you can initially email me through Briarpress). You only have a few years on me, and I’ve been in, or connected with, the printing business most all of my life.

Thanks for joining the list Irving which I am new to as well. Great news about your success and best wishes for it to continue. Neil Salkind

Great! Can we see some pictures?

Thanks for the welcome, all! I’m learning—slow—but I’m learning. I do have pictures, but have a hard time attaching them herein. I’ll learn that too!
Irving Warner

Mr. Warner:

My apologies to you for my previous post. My comments were in response to the person and company named in the title of this thread. There are several posts and scores of comments on Briar Press about that business, with lots of controversy that seemingly won’t come to an end.

You’ve got a great website and it’s apparent that you have lots of experience, accomplishments, supporters and success and I wish you all the best in your pursuit of letterpress printing.

— David Smith, aka Armchair Detective.

Mr. Smith:
No problem—very gracious of you. Knowing what I do of the overall backstory of the situation, I well understand events. But, in the end, I can only write/say what I experienced business-wise with Excelsior, and it was favorable. And…the letterpress continues to work like a charm—a beautiful job of restoration. But my function as a printer—well, I’m learning, if slowly!
(Irving Warner)