Can you guys answer 4 questions on letterpress for my dissertation? Thank you!!

Hello, My name is Alice Hines. I am currently in my third year at the Lincoln School of Art & Design studying Graphic Design.

At the moment I am doing a dissertation on letterpress printing, particularly looking at the resurgence. I absolutely love your work and would love for you to take a couple of minutes to answer four questions about letterpress for my dissertation if possible.

If you could provide me with any current letterpress practitioner names/emails so I can ask them the questions too I would be very grateful!

What attracts you to the medium of letterpress?
Why do you think there has been a revival of interest?
What are your thoughts about the seeming contradiction of digitalisation and letterpress? for example – LetterMpress ‘The virtual letterpress on your ipad’
Can you suggest other parallels in recent culture – such as hand made bicycles or growing your own veg?

Thank you very much

If you have any other interesting things you’d like to tell me about letterpress email me at [email protected]

Thanks once again!!

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check the yellow pages on this site, i’m sure you will find many letterpress shops on your side of the pond.