Intro/ questions :Where to buy misc. windmill parts

Hi there, I’m new here - I’ve recently acquired the usage rights to a 10x15 windmill. For at least the past 20 years its been used for nothing other than die-cutting and the very rare occasion for numbering. (I can vouch for this as its in a family member’s commercial offset shop). After getting my feet wet with a Vandercook proofing press and some instruction I’ve been given the go-ahead to use their windmill - I’ve diecut on it for a couple years now already just not printed.

Pretty much all of my work is multiple colors (3+) and tight registration. After doing my own wedding invitations (2 colors plus a printed varnish) I realized that the commercial registration is NOT enough. Its been fine and dandy for diecutting and worked ok for my invitations, but I had to throw away quite a bit of some that didn’t come close to being registered properly.

After going through the manual and parts books I found out that I’m missing the left hand guide - I have all sorts of lay pins, but no guide to put them into. I have the right and gripper side guides but obviously the left guide is really needed for anything larger than a tiny card.

After going through countless ads in the Yellow pages here, I found 1 site that sells them, however I’d have to buy them as a set (new) for almost $150.

Searching ebay didn’t bring up anything - so here’s my plea to you guys. Know of anyone with a junk drawer or box, etc that may have a used but functional left (bottom) guide that I may purchase for far less than the cost of a new one - or any other sites that I may be able to find one in short of buying a whole press just to have parts. I have to go by is pics so its not like I can bring one to a machine shop to have them make me something similar.

Thanks in advance!

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I came across this company here on Briarpress in a post about someone looking for parts that were pretty expensive. Someone had responded saying they found parts here a lot cheaper and it looks like if they don’t have it they can make it for you. It might be worth a shot. I am bringing home a windmill tomorrow and I imagine it will probably need some parts as well and I am thinking about giving this company a call.

Hope this helps!

for any help or advice with anything Heidelberg letterpress give us a call at Whittenburg Inc 615 212 0015. check out our web site we are here for help and advice as well as to sell parts and machines.

Hate to say it, but you just need to buy a new set of lay gauges. If you intend to print with the machine doing the sort of work you describe you should see a return on this “investment” in the first job.

Most folks who run T-Platens know that these parts are what makes the world go around and will not part with them.

Also, I would recommend Whittenburg vs others. They will do more than sell you parts.

I know I need them - I’m just hoping to find a used (or extra one that isn’t needed) before I pop out the cash for a new set.

I’ll will be checking out Whittenburg and giving you guys a call later.


One thing that could have happened is someone dropped your gauges while removing them and they fell down inside the machine, it might be worth fishing inside the press to see if you can find them, there is a large hole in the side of the press (you may have to remove a plate covering it) be careful in there cause razor blades could also be in there.

I’m with dickg on this one. I found several gauges (nickel and brass), lots of lay pins, a quoin, and other assorted goodies when cleaning out my machine.

I also found some of the nastiest, greasiest handfuls of muck I’ve ever seen (I didn’t have kids at that point; I’ve since seen nastier handfuls of muck!).

Good fun though (both the press and the kids).