Thompson Cabinet Co.

I still have quite a few inventory items leftover for sale that I need to move out fast now. Some are at the Cocoa, Fl. location, some in Michigan. If you guys need any type cases, furniture cabinets, mallets, planers, or other items, please bid any reasonable price now. The owners are finishing out the last products and moving on, selling the factory/land soon. Ed Thompson Jr.

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Have you any of the small cases for holding leading?
It would be helpful to see an inventory list. Thanks!

Ed: With many new folks getting into Letterpress I see
a great need for your remaining merchandise——please
publish to this sight an Inventory and the respective prices
along with a good explanation on HOW to place an Order.
Good Luck. wta

Hi Ed,

If you have any idea as to shipping options (if any) and costs, that would also be helpful to potential buyers.


Ed - is there any sort of inventory? We’d like to know what is available.